Matters of Substance

Where is the important list?

Now where is that important list?

Helvetica is the obvious choice for this poster’s typography! If you have not seen it yet, please watch Helvetica: A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit. Helvetica is an independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture.

The poster lists no matters of substance discussed by the major media and politicians because there are no matters of importance discussed by them. Sure, fundamental questions are raised on occasion, but no real or honest solutions are ever met due to the fact that questions of substance are not allowed to be asked. The media even go so far as to proclaim some of these debates, negotiations or bills as a victory for the American citizen, but nothing is accomplished that has any long lasting or far reaching effect for the Average American.

Not true you say? If problems are solved due to government involvement, then answer just one of the following questions. Why is it that we always have higher taxes? Why is the gap between the rich and poor widening. Why does the national debt continue to rise? Why do we still start trillion dollar wars? Why does our government send the military to bomb and kill innocent men, women, children and babies? Why is the average American struggling under the yoke of a carefree Uncle and a deceptive banking system? Why do the politicians disregard the people they are suppose to represent? If greed and power were American family values then perhaps our politicians would embody us as a people. One cannot represent whom one does not understand. And one will represent but himself if one cares but for himself.

Oh, Forgive me. I have forgotten that there has been an election! This time it is different, you say, because THIS multi-millionaire, lifetime politician really understands the American people.


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