My Poster selected for Manifest Hope DC

manifest hope workers rights poster

manifest hope workers rights poster

My poster Workers Unite, from the Manifest Series, has been selected to be put on display at the Manifest Hope: DC gallery! Of the distinguished panel of judges one was producer, director and actor, Spike Lee. Another was artist and designer Shepard Fairey. If you do not know who he is you have probably seen Fairey’s work at some point and most likely his Obama poster.

MANIFEST HOPE: DC gathers together a diverse array of the nation’s most talented visual artists under one roof to mark the Presidential Inauguration and encourages artists and activists to maintain the momentum to bring about true change in the United States.

MANIFEST HOPE: DC, will issue an inspiring visual call-to-action, encouraging a redirection of public energy toward true reform in three key areas: Health Care Reform, Workers Rights and the Green Economy.

manifest hope opportunity poster

manifest hope opportunity poster

The Gallery will be open to the public in Washington, DC for the days preceding the Presidential Inauguration, Saturday, January 17th, 2009 through Monday, January 19th, 2009 between the hours of 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Art exhibition management will be provided by our Washington, DC gallery partner, Irvine Contemporary.

Congratulations to fellow Nashville artist Herb Williams as his three-dimensional crayon portrait of Barack Obama was invited to be displayed at the show. Even more exciting is the fact that his piece sold for $25,000.00. Woo-hoo!

My “Workers Unite” poster symbolizes the power of a unified workforce to accomplish its goals. The poster joins together workers from mechanics and landscapers to educators and office staff to reveal the rights and importance of all workers.

manifest change poster

manifest hope change poster

“Unified people can make amazing things happen. Unified people fought and achieved the 40-hour work week, the 8-hour workday, overtime, sick leave, paid vacation, maternity leave, employer-paid health insurance, safety and health protections and guidelines, fairness in promotions and minimum wages. Together there is nothing we can not achieve.

We work hard. We deserve to be treated with respect and dignity by our employers. Our worth as workers and the value of the services we provide is immeasurable. Together we can ensure that the lives and livelihood of workers and our families remain a top priority for our employers. A strong and united work force can lift this country out of the murky waters and together we can put our economy back on track.

Central to that, the very crux of making these things possible, is the right to organize, efficiently, without employer intimidation and scare tactics. When a majority of workers speak, their will should be recognized.” – from MANIFEST HOPE website.

A smaller version of my Workers Unite poster is available here in a limited edition of only 15 prints. You can also get the limited editions of the Manifest Opportunity poster and the Manifest Change Poster here.



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