Coal Poster and Graffiti

I have created this poster to provide a visual means to assist the civil disobedience against the coal industry. The posters outlet with the cross bones send the message that no matter what they tell you, burning coal for energy is not clean and in fact, is dangerous to everyone including the environment. Yes, this poster is a limited addition of only 15 that you can get here, but I have also created two smaller versions that are free to download.11″ x 17″ coal poster download. 8.5″ x 11″ coal poster download.

In addition, I have made a graffiti stencil for this coal poster that can be downloaded free and printed at any size. What does that mean? That means that you can cut the stencil out and print as many as you like. You can print on poster board, cardboard, a building or just about anything that is flat. (Please do not vandalize – that only weakens the cause). All you need is something sharp to cut out the stencil, cardboard or poster board for the stencil, and a can of spray paint. If you are not the hands on type and do not want to purchase the limited edition or download the free smaller versions, then do not worry because there is another option. If you want one or several copies of the graffiti poster I will make them for you for a very small fee – to pay for materials and a little time. A sample of what the stencil version looks like is posted under the original version. The white background would be whatever you were painting on and the black ink could be any color of your choice. If you are interested in the graffiti stencil just email me at jorge at popsicles and grenades dot com. (no spaces etc – trying to avoid spam!)

On Sunday, the 25th of January, Mike Roswell will be organizing civil disobedience in East Tennessee. If you are able to be there with him, please come. If you can’t be there, contact him at and find out other ways to offer support. For more information on the TVA ash spill and how you can get involved, go to www/” Mike Roselle from Drowning in a Toxic River.

Please read the article below and watch the video of this horrible disaster. You might even change your mind and decide to join Mike in civil disobedience.


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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Mass Civil Disobedience in DC March 2. Somebody take these posters!!!