A good poster has remarkable power. Power to speak the truth when others are silent. Power to love when all else hate. Power to stand alone against a mighty juggernaut. Power to teach, aid and inform. A good poster speaks to you and asks nothing in return except that you listen to your own heartbeat. A good poster has proclaimed freedom from tyranny. Revealed equality to the racist. And has given hope to the downhearted. A good poster is a revolution!

All of my posters are available FREE by download! Distribute them as you like – websites, flyers, signs, stickers, t- shirts or mash-up the designs! I only ask that YOU MUST CREDIT ME PROPERLY IN ANY IMAGES USED and if you want to use images to produce items for sale then you should email me for more info!

Some of these posters are available for purchase as original limited edition screen prints or archival prints. Feel free to contact me if you have a cause that needs a visual voice.

Who am I? I am Jorge Arrieta, an artist, a designer, a doubter and a dreamer.

View some of my other artwork here or my previous film project, Standing on a Whale, here.